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Rogue (2013)

Emisión: 2013
Actores: Thandie Newton, Marton Csokas, Claudia Ferri, Ian Hart, Ian Tracey, Jarod Joseph, Joshua Sasse, Kavan Smith, Leah Gibson, Martin Donovan, Matthew Beard, Sarah Jeffrey
Duracion: 45 min
Resumen: Grace Travis begins as a San Jose police officer working undercover in Oakland to bring down Jimmy Laszlo's criminal enterprise. After Grace's son is murdered, she and Jimmy discover they have a common purpose. In the second season, Grace takes a new job as a handler for an FBI task force investigating corporate espionage in San Francisco. When a female undercover operative goes missing, Grace is forced undercover where she meets Ethan, a charming and enigmatic security consultant who might be responsible for the disappearance, or even death, of the operative.